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I am a designer and enthusiastic beader.
Since my childhood I always created my own things, but for a long time because of my day job and my family I had no time for crafting.
Then my life took a turn and I found the beads.
I have been learning beading techniques for several years before I decided to dedicate most of my time to them.

I found inspirations from several parts of the world, so I was touched by many cultures. I am originally from Central Europe. I have lived in California for years, so I got inspired by the Native American designs too. I lived for a while in Sweden, so nordic native designs have affected me.

I began to write my blog several years ago, when I decided to show my works and share my free designs.

This blog shows my progress, how I created more and more unique beadworks.

Lately I share my pictures on Istagram and on Facebook too.


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